PBF workshop – Saly, Senegal – March 2011

31 Mar

The PBF Community of Practice organized a side event of the AFHEA conference in Saly, Senegal on the 18th and 19th of March. The COP had two objectives : (i) present and share PBF initiatives in West-Africa, (ii) liaise with West-African experts and technicians.

The presentations of the workshop are available hereunder (some in French, some in English):

DAY 1 : Performance Based Financing in West Africa

Etat de la mise en oeuvre du FBR au Burkina-Faso

Le FBR au Benin (FR) and RBF in Benin (Eng)

Un projet pilote de RBF au Senegal

Performance Based Contracting in Liberia and experience in PBF in Liberia

Expérience du Mali dans le financement basé sur les résultats

Putting RBF into practice in Ghana

Phase pilote de la mise en place du FBP au Tchad

PBF in a fragile state : the case of Shabunda in DRC

Day 2: Community of practice

The PBF Community of practice 2010 report and 2011 activities

The COP working groups

The COP online reader’s club

The Kigali School of Public Health support to the COP

Day 2, Capacity building activity

A drilldown of the Burundi case. The objective of this module is to expose participants to Performance-Based-Financing, a very common supply-side RBF mechanism in Central-Africa.

Here are the documents of the module.

Please let me know via email (ndeborman @ gmail.com) if a link is not correct.

One Response to “PBF workshop – Saly, Senegal – March 2011”

  1. Malanga 31/03/2011 at 22:13 #

    Je vais m’inscrire à la communauté de pratique

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