PBF Bujumbura regional conference – February 2011

24 Mar

CordaidHDPCOPED and AEDES organized a 4 days conference in Bujumbura, Burundi in February 2011.

The seminar gathered around 80 health system professionals involved in PBF from several countries: Tanzania, Sierra-Leone, CAR, DRC, Burundi, Rwanda and Zambia. The objective of the seminar was to discuss how countries implement PBF strategies, analyze difficulties, share solutions and lessons learnt.

The presentations of the conference are listed hereunder (some in French, some in English):

Session 1: Introduction and country presentations :

Session 2 : PBF and health services accessibility (user fee reduction and abolition, equity funds)

Session 3 : PBF and health insurance

Session 4 : Community Based PBF

Session 5 : Split of functions in PBF, and public private partnerships

Session 6 :  Debriefing of the work of two working groups

Please, send an email (ndeborman @ gmail.com)  if  a link is missing.

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