CERDI workshop presentations – day 2

1 Jan

The presentations of the second day of the conference.

Session 6 – Other glances

The strategy of performance incentives for health providers does not have only supporters. This session aims to provide a platform for those who are opposed to this strategy or who question its usefulness. This session will, as much as possible, steer clear from needless controversy by focusing on technical demonstration. It is not about forcing upon ones opinion but listening to the diversity of the arguments of each and everyone.

Pay for performance initiatives a growing trend, but are they effective? Josephine Borghi, LSHTM, Royaume Uni

“Ils te montrent la lune et tu regardes le doigt”. Thomas Vögel, Medicus Mundi Suisse

Recherche de performance et incitation à la qualité des soins : quelle cohérence dans les pays en développement ? Alain Letourmy, CERMES, France

Session 7 – Round Table Performance-based financing: a paradigm shift in the aid sector?

The summary of the discussion is available in another post.

Chairperson-Moderator : Jacky Mathonnat:

With : Agence Française de Développement, World Bank, CORDAID, Uropean Union, NORAD, WHO

Session 8 – Different approaches in humanitarian crisis: case study of Shabunda – Lulingu (DRC)

The region of Shabunda (South-Kivu, DRC) is currently a crossroad for army, rebel group and refugee movements. The humanitarian and security situations are dire. MSF-Netherlands has implemented a relief project in the zone of Lulingu while CORDAID has been focusing on the zone of Shabunda. These two organizations have been developing different type of approaches for the same context. The objective of this session is to compare the two approaches.

MSF OCA Intervention in Lulingu, Shabunda District, South Kivu Province, DRC. Helen Oneill, MSF-H, Netherlands

Performance Based Financing in an emergency context. Piet Vroeg, CORDAID, Netherlands

Session 9 – Incentives for performance: some initiatives

Information about future PBF related activities.

Chairperson : Nicolas de Borman, AEDES

The Health Results Innovation Trust Fund – Petra Vergeer, World Bank.

A regional technical PBF workshop in February 2010 in Bujumbura – Nicolas de Borman, AEDES

3 Responses to “CERDI workshop presentations – day 2”

  1. JG 19/01/2010 at 18:27 #

    Is it possible to have the url of the website presented by the World Bank during the very last session. Not “rbfhealth.org” one but the one on the “Health Systems for Outcomes” (apparently part of the program “harmonization for health in Africa”)? Thanks a lot

    • Nicolas de Borman 25/01/2010 at 22:15 #

      Hello JG, in fact I don’t think it is already on line. I keep you posted. Nicolas

  2. Nicolas de Borman 31/03/2010 at 11:41 #

    This is it :


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